End of Year Round-Up: Jon Stone

A continuation of the End of Year Series, you can read Luke Kennard’s answers here and what our reviewers have to say here.

Jon Stone is the production editor and designer of hand-crafted art and literature magazine Fuselit and its press imprint Sidekick Books.  His poem ‘Jack Root’ was highly commended at the 2009 National Poetry Competition. His debut poetry pamphlet Scarecrows was published by Happenstance press in 2010.

Has 2010 brought to your attention any outstanding literary magazines (be they online or in print), if so, which?

It’s hard to pick an ‘outstanding’ one out of a raft of enjoyable discoveries and newcomers, including Nutshell, Polarity, Silkworms, Sabotage itself. I also discovered for the first time that Poetry London is actually rather good.

What event sticks out in your mind as the literary event of 2010 (it can be a personal accomplishment)?

Obviously not being very objective here but the Fuselit 5th birthday party was a roaring success. Sarah Hesketh compared the line-up and audience to the cast of Gosford Park, ie. if a meteor struck the room, it would wipe out an entire generation of talent in one fell swoop. Plus we had cake and prizes. I don’t think I went to any really ‘big’ literary events (I much prefer the more intimate ones), so my selection may look ludicrous in the light of these!

What was your favourite literary discovery of the year (it can be a single poem, a novel, a pamphlet, a press, …)?

Again, very, very hard to choose. I might go for Matthew Caley, probably my favourite of the poets that Roddy Lumsden’s Identity Parade has introduced me to.

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