Saboteur Awards 2011 – The Longlist

A reminder of the rules: this longlist will be added to as and when new reviews of magazines are posted up on the website. It will be closed to new additions at the end of the month. Reviewers will cast a vote on their favourite so as to make up the shortlist. If you want to be part of the jury that will pour over the shortlist and award prizes it’s not too late to get in touch.

Longlist for the Saboteur Awards, a Celebration of Literary Magazines.

Paper Darts, April 2011 (hard copy)

New Linear Perspectives, April 2011 (online)

Thieves Jargon #205 (online)

eFiction Magazine #12 (online)

Cake #2 (hard copy)

Horizon Review 5 (online)

Nutshell 2 (hard copy)

Goblin Fruit (winter 2011) (online)

Envoi 157 (hard copy)

Literary Bird Journal 1.2 (online version)

A Capella Zoo 5 (hard copy and online)

Willow Springs 66 (hard copy)

Terrain (Autumn/Winter 2011) (online)

Blip (Fall 2010) (online)

Earthspeak 4 (online)

Clementine 4 (online)

Stone Telling 1 (online)

Albatross Journal 21 (online)

Popshot 4 (hard copy)

Sparkbright 4 (online)

Turbulence 4 (hard copy)

Frigg 29 (online)

Moonmilk Review 7 and 8 (online)

Kill Author 8 (online)

Spilt Milk Mag 1 (hard copy)

Shot Glass Journal #1 (online)

Iota 87 (hard copy)

The Flaneur – Rolls Royce Issue (online and hard copy)

The Write Place at the Write Time (online)

Bicycle Review 7 (online)

New Fairy Tales 5 (online)

Polarity Magazine 1 (hard copy)

La Petite Zine 24 (online)

Pomegranate 11 (online)

The Battered Suitcase Spring 2010 (online)