News at Sabotage Reviews

-Claire Trévien-

There has been some exciting structural changes to Sabotage Reviews in the last few months and I thought a post detailing this would be useful to everyone.

As you might have noticed from our Vacancy page, we are expanding the reach of our spoken word reviews and looking for more volunteers to edit and review from further afield. Sabotage Reviews has always been a UK-based endeavour, but its intention has never been to be inward looking, and while we can’t geographically be everywhere (for now) we are hoping others are already in place, ready to give us their insights on their local scene.

To that effect, last summer we recruited Mab Jones, who is our new spoken word editor for Wales, and has been doing a brilliant job of covering the area. Last week we added Sally Jack, who will be reviewing spoken word in the Midlands area. Our main spoken word editor, James Webster, continues to review and edit for London and the South East area. Where next? Scotland? Singapore? South Africa? Get in touch if you would like to take charge of a city, region, or country (if you’re feeling ambitious).

Also last summer, Will Barrett joined us as interviews editor, giving bigger pride of place to one of our more ad hoc features, we are looking forward to this aspect of our website growing.

I have stepped down, after nearly five years, as poetry reviews editor, to take on a more  managerial role at Sabotage (including overseeing the Saboteur Awards). I have fortunately found someone more than capable of taking on the role: Becky Varley-Winter.

Here is what Becky had to say about her new role:

I’m really happy to be joining Sabotage Reviews as Poetry Reviews Editor, and want to keep covering a wide range of material that may not be reviewed elsewhere: chapbooks, pamphlets, e-zines, magazines, paper aeroplanes… I believe that the poetry world is exciting and diverse, so there isn’t just one type of work I’m looking for (good stuff I hope, whatever/wherever it may be). I was attracted to Sabotage due to their openness to experimental, small presses and self-published pamphlets alongside more established names and forms, and want to keep that spirit going. Welcome, everyone! And many thanks to Claire for entrusting me with the task.

I hope everyone will make Becky and the rest of the team welcome!

Here’s how to get in touch with any of us.

Last but not least, Sabotage Reviews has received a grant for the arts from Arts Council England for the next Saboteur Awards (and Sabotage Reviews’ 5th Birthday Bash). I can’t wait to tell you more about this soon.