Saboteur Awards: The Results

Three more in-depth write ups of each category have been written elsewhere. For a summary of the Best Spoken Word Show, Regular Spoken Word Night, Spoken Word Performer, and One Off Event, click here. For a summary of the Best Anthologies, Pamphlets, Publishers and Reviewers categories, click here. For the Best Novella, Best Short Story Collection, Best Collaborative Work and Best Magazine categories, click here.

You can read a storify of the event as it happened here. The playlist of acceptance speeches can be found here.

Best Magazine

Winner: Lighthouse Literary Journal
Runner Up: Bare Fiction

Best Novella

Winner: Heidi James, The Mesmerist’s Daughter (Neon Magazine)
Runner Up: u.v. ray, The Migrant (Murder Slim Press)

Best Spoken Word Performer

Winner: Hollie McNish
Runner Up: Sophia Walker

Best Reviewer

Winner: Dave Coates
Runner Up: Afric McGlinchey

Most Innovative Publisher

Winner: Penned in the Margins
Runner Up: The Emma Press

Best Anthology

Winner: The Charnel House, ed. Tom de Freston (Bridgedoor Press)
Runner up: Furies: a poetry anthology of women warriors, ed. Eve Lacey (For Books’ Sake)

Best Short Story Collection

Winner: Don’t Try This At Home, by Angela Readman (And Other Stories)
Runner Up: Tales of Modern Stupidity, by Quintin Forrest

Best Poetry Pamphlet

Winner: White Whale, by Victoria Kennefick (Southword Editions)
Runner Up: The Devil’s Tattoo, by Brett Evans (Indigo Dreams)

Best One-Off Event

Winner: 52 Project by Jo Bell
Runner up: OE by Max Barton, Kiran Millwood Hargrave and Tom de Freston

Best Spoken Word Show

Winner: Some People Have Too Many Legs by Jackie Hagan
Runner Up: Standby for Tape Back Up by Ross Sutherland

Best Regular Spoken Word Night

Winner: Bad Language
Runner Up: Bang Said the Gun

Best Collaborative Work:

Winner:Jacqueline Saphra, Benjamin Tassie & Mark Andrew Webber, If I Lay on my Back I Saw Nothing but Naked Women (Emma Press)
Runner Up: Melanie Rees & Sarah Miller, Selkie singing at the Passing Place (Flapjack Press)

The photos below were taken by Will Barett: