‘Verbs that Move Mountains’: Essays and Interviews on Spoken Word Cultures Across the World

Verbs that move mountains is a glimpse at the way poets, promoters and storytellers engage with spoken word around the world. The anthology includes histories of specific scenes, hard looks at how to make spoken word a more accessible and open space in terms of sexuality, mental health, indigenous languages and more…. Academic analysis co-exists with personal reflections. Current topics, such as the ethics of honesty in slam poetry, or the very real dangers faced by many poets around the world, are also discussed. These essays give you snapshots of scenes from Singapore to New Zealand, via Leicester and Palestine.

Launched virtually on 21st February 2018, you can re-watch the discussions on our Facebook page.

Please note, the paperback edition of this book is no longer available, but you can download Verbs That Move Mountains as an eBook via the Amazon Kindle store for just £2.12.

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