Saboteur Awards 2018: Spotlight on the Best Magazine Shortlist

Voting continues a pace in this year’s Saboteur Awards! Below you’ll find out a little more about the shortlisted magazine – why not take out a subscription?


Confingo is a biannual literary and arts magazine. It has been published for four years. It is edited by Tim Shearer and designed by Zie McLean.

Why voters think it should win:

Confingo is a beautifully presented collection of art and literature with some exciting new voices. A feast for the eyes and the soul!

Fabulous stories, beautiful layout

Into the Void Magazine

Into the Void is an award-winning print, digital and online literary magazine dedicated to providing a platform for fantastic fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art from all over the world, as well as book and film reviews and articles on all things art and literature.

Why voters think it should win:

A beautiful mix of words in all forms and images. Outstanding magazine.

Fresh, original and diverse.  A pleasure to read.

The Journal

The Journal began in the mid 1990s as The Journal of Contemporay Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry, but after 10 issues ran out of Scandanavians and has since been in its present format – 40 pages of poetry and reviews in stylish – if I say so myself – A4.

Why voters think it should win:

A longstanding magazine with consistently interesting content and reviews of notable integrity – one of the magazines which also promotes translation work.

The editor has an infallible eye – and ear – for poems which ‘make it new.’

Riggwelter Press

riggwelter (verb) – a dialect word from the North of England. a sheep, having fallen onto its back, being unable to right itself is said to be riggweltered (e.g. bloody thing’s riggweltered again).

Riggwelter is a journal of creative arts founded by Amy Kinsman in 2017. It releases an issue once a month containing poetry, short fiction, visual art and experimental/mixed media. Riggwelter also publishes essays and reviews on an as and when basis. (For clarity’s sake: we are not affiliated with Black Sheep brewery or the lovely ale that they produce that shares our name).

“Fashions 21” by Alex Nodopaka

Why voters think it should win:

A new magazine known for the quality of work and the wonderful speed of replies.

New. Fresh. Energy-driven. Already showcasing a wide range in a wide range of genres. Great reading.



Strix is a poetry and short fiction magazine that comes out three times a year. It’s currently hand produced, and has featured established writers alongside people seeing their work in print for the first time. Carol Rumens featured a poem from issue 1 on the Guardian Poem of the Week blog, and she called Strix “handsome, streamlined and sharp-eyed…”. Submissions for issue 4 will be open throughout May.

Photo by B-E-N-D

Why voters think it should win:

In starting a print magazine at a time when many magazines are going digital, and making a huge success of it, Strix have done something bold and important.

An exquisite handmade magazine carrying exciting new voices in poetry and fiction. Very stylish but incredibly readable – renaissance fonts!!! And they’re not supported – it’s true do-it-yourself. Very impressive, very beautiful.