Saboteur Awards 2018: Spotlight on the Most Innovative Publisher Shortlist

If you’re low on inspiration of where to buy your next books, look no further than this stunner of a shortlist!

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404 Ink

Photo Suzanne Heffron

404 Ink is the award-winning alternative, independent publisher of books and literary magazines based in Edinburgh. We publish books like Nasty Women, Chris McQueer’s Hings and rock band Creeper’s The Last Days of James Scythe. 404 Ink believe in publishing little but publishing loud, putting full energy and resources into every author we publish.

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Why voters think they should win:

Two badass women taking the Scottish and UK-wide publishing industry on and winning. Nothing they publish is predictable and they show other more established publishers how it should be done.

taking advantage of every inch their small size gives them to punch above their weight, and manoeuvre skillfully in a difficult industry fraught with way more risk than reward. great work, 404 Ink!

Bad Betty Press

We’re an independent publisher of new poetry, founded in July 2017 by Amy Acre and Jake Wild Hall. We publish pamphlets by emerging writers, with our first full collection, and ACE-funded mental health anthology, The Dizziness of Freedom, out this year. We’re also currently working on a series of mini pamphlets called Bad Betty Shots – each containing a single, long-form poem.

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Why voters think they should win:

Created by young dynamic people, who have been able to build something within a tough industry. Giving opportunities to those often overlooked thus giving hope and belief where there may be none.

I don’t think I KNOW they are the best!

Burning Eye Books

Bristol based Burning Eye Books specialise in publishing by slam-stand up-performance and spoken word poetry.

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Why voters think they should win:

They’ve published so many amazing voices and I feel they are really courageous and have loads of integrity.

It is greating publishing space for poets who are sometimes sidelined as ‘performers’

Indigo Dreams

How fantastic to be shortlisted again for these awards. They really make a difference.  Indigo Dreams Publishing an independent, award-winning publisher run Ronnie Goodyer and Dawn Bauling. We publish 3 magazines, about 30 publications (collections/pamphlets) annually.. We also run 2 competitions where 4 winners receive publication, royalty contracts and free copies of their collections.
We received The Ted Slade Award for Services to Poetry for giving opportunities to new writers and for keeping poetry high on the writing agenda. We also won a Saboteur award  last year – yay! Our maxim is ‘pleasure, not pressure’ and we are known for our friendly approach and easy working relationship with our wonderful poets (honestly!)

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Why voters think they should win:

The most eclectic publisher, everyone is giving the same opportunity and your work will be nurtured and presented as you want it by IDP.  They are all about supporting their poets and giving poets opportunities through 3 mags, pamphlets and collections.

They are by far the friendliest and most productive publisher in the UK. Fantastic ethos and production values. they do more for poetry nationally than anyone I know.

Sidekick Books

Sidekick Books is a London-based small press, publishing collaborative fusions, interactive anthologies and mixed-media hybrids. We blend art, play, poetry and reference, and our multi-authored titles cover a rich range of topics, including wildlife, folklore, robotics, cinema, video games and underwater exploration.
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Why voters think they should win:

Their Headbooks and Birdbooks are some of the most innovative and unique poetry books in the world.

They are not aiming for cool or avant garde – they are about growing and merging genres and above all supporting people to be creative in whatever way they need to