Saboteur Awards Festival 2020: How it looks this year

Dear Readers,

I’m delighted to announce that next week, on Friday, September 13, the Sabotage Reviews inbox will open for another round of applications for the Saboteur Awards Festival. There are official pages being updated all over the site to show dates, what we’re looking for in applications, and lots of other exciting details. That said, in the interest of giving you everything you might need in one bite-size place, here it is:

  • Applications will open on September 13, and close on October 18
  • We’re inviting applications from performers, panelists, and workshop facilitators
  • We’re also introducing a new feature this year, in our Room Two space where publishers can rent a table for the day, bring all the books they can manage, and hopefully sell them all too
  • We’re still in Birmingham, UK, and our home for 2020 will be announced soon
  • We’re always on the look-out for festival volunteers, so if you want to get in early then hop over to our volunteer page for more information (you can find it right here)
  • The date for the Saboteur Festival and Awards next year will be May 16

If you’d like to submit an application to us for consideration then everything you could possibly need can be found on our applications page, which is available just here. That said, if you think there’s anything missing or you have any questions, then I’m never far from my inbox and you can contact me at [email protected].

Here’s to making the #sabawards2020 another year to be proud!

Best wishes,