Sponsorship Schemes for Sabotage Reviews

Sabotage Reviews is growing. Alongside our monthly reviews and our annual Saboteur Awards Festival, we are looking to expand into other areas over the next 12 – 24 months as well. These expansions will see the arrival of open mic events, competitions, and anthologies (to name just a few of our plans).

However, we are realists here at Sabotage and we know that we can’t do this without the help of those around us. This is why, alongside our current friends scheme – which will also be getting an update soon – we are looking to a launch a new sponsorship scheme. While the friends scheme allows individuals to be involved with Sabotage, our sponsorship scheme will be specifically targeted at businesses – whether you’re a bookseller, a baker or a gin-maker, our sponsorship can and will offer benefits to you.

Initially we will be able to offer:

  • Brand visibility – we will feature your logo on our website and at our various events, and we will also list you as an official sponsor on the website, which will include a featured profile about your company and the work that you’re doing
  • Recognition – your generosity will be well-known, and much-appreciated, by the Sabotage team and the Sabotage readership
  • Your approval – we will collaborate with you on how you want your product or service to represented, and ultimately the final say rests with you on how Sabotage publicises your brand
  • Open communication – we don’t want to take your logo and run! Our sponsorships will be the start of, we hope, long-term relationships where you can discuss concerns and desires openly with the Sabotage team, including voicing your true desire in sponsoring us and what you expect in return

We are open to offers, suggestions and collaborations in the hope that this will help us to build individual sponsorship contracts that suit each company we work with.

What we’d really like from this point forward is to know whether you and/or your company would be interested in working with Sabotage in this capacity; a simple ‘Registering my interest’ email to [email protected] would go a long way. If you have any early questions then we’re here to answer them, and we hope to hear from you soon.