Dynamite: a Saboteur Awards commission

We are now open for proposals


We want to commission a piece which can be an installation, or a performance, or a publication, or a mix of these things which will be distributed/performed/on display at the next Saboteur Awards. Ideally, the creation would result in something tangible for the audience to take away. Last year, we had the Ladies of the Press* create a live pamphlet capturing the awards as they happened for instance. Works that engage with indie literature, diversity in publishing, lo-fi aesthetics and/or hybrid collaborations will be particularly appreciated. Works that take into account the particular setting in which it will be received would also work well.


Funds available: £250
Deadline for proposals: 15th March 2015
Venue: the next Saboteur Awards will take place at Vout-O-Reenees in London on Friday 27th May at 7pm.

Please send your proposals to editor AT sabotagereviews [.] com. Proposals should fit on 2 pages* maximum and include a budget. Be bold, be strange, be creative! We look forward to hearing from you.

We will announce the winners of the commission by early April.

*you can include supporting material such as videos and images, but try to limit yourself to one extra attachment if so.