Announcing our new Managing Director

Finding yourself a replacement for a creature that is dear to you is no mean feat. I was overwhelmed by the number of applications for this role, all of which were capable and enthusiastic individuals. I didn’t think I’d find the right person to take over and I’m glad I was proven wrong!

Without much ado, I am happy to announce that the new Managing Director is Dr Charlotte Barnes who combines experience with a passion for indie literature. Here’s a statement from Charley:

Sabotage Reviews, and its sibling ventures, have grown so much in the last eight years. Claire as developed and manned something special, alongside a hard-working team of valued editors, too. While even I am sad to see Claire take a step back from the Sabotage family, I’m delighted to be taking a step in to continue the work that Claire has started and, hopefully, to bring new ideas and opportunities to the Sabotage network as well. There are big shoes to fill here, that much I know, but with continued reviews, continued awards, and new ventures – such as anthologies and spoken word events, to name but two early ideas – I’m hoping that Sabotage can continue to grow with a strong team still sitting behind the wheel. I owe Claire a huge debt of gratitude for this opportunity and, to those who have worked and continue to work with Sabotage now, I look forward to meeting you all in the near future.

Due to various work and life commitments, we will start the handover process in mid-September. In the meantime, please join me in making her feel very welcome!