DYNAMITE: a Saboteur Awards commission

The DYNAMITE commission is open for a new year


In 2016, for the first time, we invited proposals from artists to create unique work at the Saboteur Awards. We received a number of high quality entries, and after much debate, we awarded the commission to poet and performance artist Sophie Fenella with a project titled ‘The Archive’. Sophie, along with poet Antosh Wojcik, wandered through the award in lab coats creating on-the spot poems from interviews with event attendees, there was also a collaborative poem created during the course of the evening. In Sophie’s words:

How can poetry document an event? Is it the writer’s role to record the event as accurately as possible, or is this an impossible task destined for failure? A live event will never truly be captured by text alone, a text can represent an event, but this representation will always be different from the original. Perhaps, it is the role of the poet to revel in the inevitable failure of accurate textual documentation, and translate the live event into poems that do not seek to record, but translate the event into metaphors, and images by which the event can be remembered. Combining live writing with improvisation techniques, this installation explores the relationship between poetry and documentation.

The year before ‘The Archive’, we invited the Ladies of the Press* to create a live print-version of the awards, including interviews, artwork, photographs, other texts, and the awards themselves. These were wonderful keepsakes for everyone attending.

Call for submissions!

This year the commission is back! We invite proposals for work to exist alongside the Saboteur Awards. Whether it’s an installation, performance art, or live literature, think weird, think bold!

Where: the awards are taking place this year on 13th May 2017 at Vout-O-Reenees, London. As you can see from photographs, Vout’s is a special space in itself, we want work as unique as it is.

When: The awards take place in the evening. Bear in mind that as it is a crypt, there is limited internet, so livestreaming projects are unlikely to work.

What you get: £250 for you to use either in purchasing materials or paying yourself/collaborators, or both. You also get tickets to the Saboteur Awards of course, an event that sells out every year.

What we needs: No more than 2 pages of A4 of  your proposal. This must include your proposed budget (i.e how you will spend those £250) and the bios of those involved. Limit supporting media evidence to 1 example please!

Where do I send it? [email protected] please! Subject line: DYNAMITE

By when? The deadline for this is 1st March 2017. We will endeavour to get back to you soon after!