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Book Slam – 29/01/15 at The Grand

– reviewed by Lettie McKie – The Grand in Clapham Junction is not a typical venue for literary entertainment. An old theatre converted into a nightclub it comes with battered stucco balconies, stalls cleared of seats for a dance floor, sticky walls, multi-coloured lights and a disco ball. However, in a savvy attempt to draw…

can't care won't care

Can’t Care, Won’t Care by Sophia Walker

– reviewed by James Webster – Sophia Walker‘s Can’t Care, Won’t Care is a brilliantly traumatic show. Walker reaches into your guts with powerful, grasping words and twists until the tears squeeze out of your eyes. It’s hard to sit through; achingly, emotionally, superbly written and performed. Harrowing would be a good word. It’s cleverly…

asking nicely

Asking Nicely by Hannah Chutzpah

  – reviewed by James Webster – Asking Nicely is a thoroughly entertaining and insightful piece by Hannah Chutzpah that dissects the ways we ask for and are given permission with near-surgical accuracy. She skilfully breaks down the power and privilege that condition our language and behaviour, crafting a convincing argument from anecdote, poetry, quotations…


Other Voices: Spoken Word Cabaret

– reviewed by James Webster – Our Performance Editor is in Edinburgh for the next week, trying to review as many Spoken Word shows as possible before he has to go home (or words begin to lose all meaning, whichever comes first). His first stop was the always impressive Other Voices on 12/08/14. The Concept…


P.G. Wodehouse Poetry and Songs – part of Words on Monday

– reviewed by Lettie McKie – Monday 14 April, King’s Place A real jewel of an evening… Words on Monday at King’s Place is that rare thing to find under the gargantuan weight of London’s cultural treasures, a genuine hidden gem. Totally unpretentious but intellectually rigorous and fun these literary evenings are a treat for any…


Review: Quiltbag Cabaret – 06/12/13

-Reviewed by James Webster– Quiltbag – an acronym standing for Queer and Questioning, Unidentified, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay/Genderqueer OR – an unbelievably charming, friendly and welcoming evening of crafts and cabaret with a queer-friendly focus. A cuddly kind of cabaret … Upon entering Quiltbag on a very brrrr-worthy, cold December night, I was…

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