Not the Usual Review: Discount Sticker Printing

We interrupt our usual stream of indie literature reviews to give a plug to Discount Sticker Printing, who sponsored the Saboteur Awards with stickers.

Discount Sticker Printing approached us because “We’re keen to support events across the UK that give something of value to popular interests and the wider community.” They thought we fitted the bill, and we’re very grateful to them.

As many of you know, accessibility was a big focus at this year’s Saboteur Awards (shout out to Abi Palmer here), so it made sense for us to use our sticker vouchers to that use. If you attended the awards then you will have seen these rolls:

Roll of stickers labelled “My name is” and “Talk to me about…”
Rolls of stickers of different colours. The one in the foreground has round green labels labelled “green” with a black circle in it. Further back is a roll of red round stickers lablled “red” with a black square in it

The first selection of stickers which say “My name is…” and “Talk to me about…” were used at both the launch party and the festival. The aim was to give people a bit of an ice-breaker. It’s also a nice head-scratcher to work out what you want people to talk to you about. I went for ‘conspiracies’ at the launch party and ‘octopuses’ on the Saturday, the latter elicited some friendly debate about the correct plural of octopuses (it’s not octopi FYI).

The second selection was copied from Harry Giles and his poster for the Chill Out Corner, it has its origins in the Autistic Self Advocacy Network here. The idea was to help everyone feel comfortable during the events.

Description of the communication badges. To read a version click on one of the two links above this image.

What did we think about the stickers

I have nothing but positive things to say about Discount Sticker Printing – they made the ordering and designing process super easy for us. The stickers arrived very fast. They were of good quality and held on to my clothing all day without needing a recharge. Here is a picture of Event Co-ordinator Anna Jamieson proudly sporting her green sticker:

Anna Jamieson wearing a green sticker

We also have so many stickers left over that we should have enough stock for at least another event, if not two, so that’s great! Huge thank you to Discount Sticker Printing for offering to help out!

Speaking of helping out, I’m going to end this fast review with a picture of two of our winners holding Sacred Gin, who sponsored us in-kind for a third year running, by supplying a bottle for each winner. Thank you to them too. When you’re an organisation with very little income (outside of generous souls being on our Friend Scheme, or other generous souls buying our first anthology) every little thing helps!

Claire x