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Poetry Round-Up 2014

-by Claire Trévien- It’s been a busy year for published poetry over at Sabotage Reviews, we’ve reviewed in the last year around 124 poetry titles, including anthologies, pamphlets, collections, and magazines. This increase in activity is all due to our wonderful reviewers, which includes regulars who’ve been writing for us for a few years now…


Mine by Holly Corfield Carr

-Reviewed by Harry Giles– Finding ways to document live performance is a perennial problem for the performing arts: watching a video of a show is rarely enthralling, and photographs and scripts usually fail to capture the sense of intimate action. Often documentation is used purely for marketing purposes, missing the maxim that “How we talk…


Poetry Bingo by Maria Taylor

-Reviewed by Harry Giles–   Poetry Bingo is, most obviously, a game. Each of Maria Taylor’s four cards features a traditional 7×4 grid with 16 carefully-selected poetic moves – from thousand-dollar words (“shards”, “breast”) to formatting conceits (“strike-through”, “…”), from structural ploys (“very long clever title”, “stirring epigraph”) to hard-to-find absurdities (“wolf-love”, “custard”). Taylor imagines…


Nonplaced by Amy Ekins

-Reviewed by Harry Giles– Amy Ekins’ debut pamphlet is unusual in that, rather than presenting a range of discrete works showcasing the poet feeling out their voice, it’s a lengthy and coherent project: 29 five-line poems, each titled after a domestic object, beginning with “You are not here”, and describing the object’s emotional resonances in…


Oam: Poems fae Govanhill Baths by Harry Giles

 -Reviewed by Richie McCaffery– The first sentence in the ‘Note’ to this pamphlet got me thinking about all the linguistic purism and essentialism which surrounded poetry written in Scots, or Doric, or Lallans during the various waves of the 20th century Scottish Literary Renaissance. I could imagine there might have been a drawn-out stramash in…


The Fruit Journal by Tom Watts

-Reviewed by Harry Giles– The Fruit Journal presents so completely as an academic journal – mid-seventies cover design and typography, diagrammatic images, the wry full title Understanding Foetal States In Uteri: A Fruit Journal of Prenatal Development – as to feel like a trick, a joke, a smuggling of poetry under plain covers. As an…

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