The Saboteur Awards – voting categories!

In case our social media spam hasn’t reached you yet (give us time, we’ll get there), we’re delighted to announce that voting for the Saboteur Awards 2020 will open on Monday, March 16th! Which means it isn’t long now until we officially unleash the form for your voting, sharing and campaigning joys.

So, in the run-up to this grand opening, we thought we’d remind folks firstly of a few house rules and, secondly, of the all important categories you’ll be voting for.

House rules:

When you are inputting your nomination, please give us as much information as possible! This will help us to make sure the right vote is going in the right tally. For example, if you’re voting for the best poetry pamphlet, including the title and the author will be a huge help to us.

We know people might not want to vote in every category available. However, to make sure we’re not getting spam votes all over the place, we do ask that you try to vote in at least three of the categories listed.

Finally, the cut-off for nominations for 2020 is March 30, 2019. This means that if you are nominating someone for the best spoken word performer, they must have performed at least once since March 30, 2019; or, if you’re looking to make a nomination for the best novella, it must be something published after March 30, 2019. You get the idea!

Categories returning are:

  • Best short story collection
  • Best spoken word performer
  • Best magazine
  • Best literary festival
  • Best novella
  • Best poetry pamphlet
  • Best spoken word regular night
  • Best spoken word show
  • Most innovative publisher
  • Best reviewer of literature
  • Best collaborative work
  • Best anthology

There you have it, folks, a whistle-stop tour of what’s being unleashed and announced from next Monday (March 16) on. We’re hugely active on social media at the moment so if you want to get in touch with us about the votes, or anything else, then you can do so through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or by emailing Charley at [email protected].