To Perihelion and beyond! A Celebration of Rosetta & Philae’s Comet Adventure (National Space Centre, Leicester, 1 Sept 2015)

-Reviewed by Sally Jack– presented by the Leicester Astronomical Society with poetry by Siobhan Logan This has to rank as

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Saboteur Awards 2015: Best Anthologies, Pamphlets, Publishers and Reviewers

– In which Becky Varley–Winter sums up Best Anthologies, Poetry Pamphlets, Reviewers, and Publishers – Best Anthology Best Anthology was a dynamic,

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Dave’s UK Pun Championships (Just the Tonic at Hansom Hall, Leicester, 12 Feb 2015)

Reviewed by Sally Jack  Warning – this review contains (p)unadulterated and gratuitous punning. A bloomin’ great queue, fish and chips

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