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Heart Archives by Sue Rose

 -Reviewed by Lavinia Singer- The vessel for my remains will be those who carry part of me in their histories. – from ‘D25072049’   A vessel too will be this exquisitely crafted “family momento in a book” – the latest from small but mighty Hercules Editions, which specialises in collaborations between contemporary writers and artists. As is…


At the Memory Exchange by Kathleen Bell

-Reviewed by Lavinia Singer– What’s it worth? A question that rings throughout this recent pamphlet of Kathleen Bell. If something can be named and priced, it can be bought and owned. The first sequence ‘They Come For You To Buy And Sell’ begins like a grim horror story. We meet ‘the purchasers’, clad in black,…

Oxford Poetry XIV.2 (Winter 2012)

-Reviewed by Claire Trévien– It’s a compliment to say that Oxford Poetry, one of the oldest poetry magazines of its kind (113 years old to be precise), does not look its age. The cover may be quietly unassuming, in a vintage picnic basket kind of way, but the list of contributors reads like a who’s…

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