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Sabotage Reviews’ End of Year Critic’s Choice 2016

It’s that time of year again when reviewers and editors look back on this year’s publications and performances and share their favourites: Becky Varley-Winter, Poetry Reviews Editor, shares her favourites: Among pamphlets, I’ve been impressed by Richard Scott‘s Wound (Rialto), pamphlets by Clinic (Edwina Attlee‘s The Cream and Chloe Stopa-Hunt‘s White Hills), and Primers: Volume 1 from Nine Arches…

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Crime Writer’s panel discussion with Mick Herron, Toby Purser, Helen Giltrow and Dan Holloway @ Blackwell’s

-Reviewed by Claire Trévien– Crime Writer’s panel discussion at Blackwell’s Oxford Fiction Week 9/9/2014 Small confession to make: other than a period around the ages of 13 to 14 in which I was obsessed with all things Mary Higgins Clarke (translated into French of course, which made names like Megan feel spectacularly cool), I’ve not…

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Saboteur Awards 2014 – 31st May

On Saturday 31st May, at Oxford’s Jericho Tavern, we will be announcing the results of the public vote for this year’s Saboteur Awards (check out the shortlist here). Over 2500 of you cast your vote this year to have a say in the outcome. However, results are just the tip of the iceberg of what…

The Flood - Superbard

Fiction Round-Up 2013

-Compiled by Richard T. Watson– We have a Christmas tradition of sorts at Sabotage: to post a festive round-up of the year’s highlights in December, and to start by (mis)quoting that carol about it being the season to be jolly. And what is Christmas without its twee traditions? So here goes, 365 days from the…

Evie and Guy Dan Holloway cover

Evie and Guy by Dan Holloway

-Reviewed by David Sheridan- In one interview, Dan Holloway revels in the moment when a member of his reading group told him: ‘the emperor has no clothes’ – because that’s what people always say about conceptual art. He concludes, therefore, that he must be doing something right with Evie and Guy, his numbers-only ‘novel’. I…

‘Livid Among The Ghostings’ by Anna Percy

-Reviewed by Dan Holloway– Livid Among the Ghostings, Anna Percy’s first substantial pamphlet (published by Flapjack Press) has the best title of anything I’ve read in recent years. It contains thirteen prints by the illustrator Sarah Peploe, each of which complements the poetry and contributes towards creating something as beautiful on the eye as it…

Interview with Dan Holloway

1. You’ve just launched 79 rat press as part of the literary exhibition Nothing to Say, can you tell me a little bit more about what inspired both these things?

79 rat press has grown organically out of eight cuts gallery, which I have run since 2010, and under which umbrella I’ve published some wonderful books that have had remarkable critical success for such a tiny outfit, such as Penny Goring’s The Zoom Zoom and Cody James’ The Dead Beat. It also hosts The New Libertines and all sorts of other events.

I think I have become aware though that I can make most of a difference through very sharply focussed, very small events and editions. I also wanted to get back to my original intention with eight cuts gallery of something literary based on a model from the art world. As you probably know, I am obsessed with both Modernism and 20th century art, culminating in the Young British Art movement. Tracey Emin is the biggest influence on my own writing, and what I have felt for a long time is that to get people truly talking about what literature can do, we need more events like art’s Freeze and Sensation, and more figures like Jay Jopling and Nick Serota to push challenging literature into the public consciousness. I think the last time that really happened was in the 60s and 70s when Carmen Callil launched Virago and Lawrence Ferlinghetti brought the Beats to the world through City Lights. I’ve always thought of myself as some kind of very weak shadow of Ferlinghetti, the guy behind the scenes who writes himself but whose pleasure is bringing other people to the world.