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The Beauty

The Beauty by Aliya Whiteley

-Reviewed by Richard T. Watson– The Beauty opens with an intriguing idea: a near-future world where all the women have died. This might sound like it makes for a masculine novel, full of men being real men and doing manly things – whatever that means. But actually, the core of this novella is very much…

OR Book Going Rouge

Watchlist ed. by Bryan Hurt

-Reviewed by Richard T. Watson– Undeniably, we in the West live in an age of information, or readily-accessible and frequently-shared data. As the early twenty-first century progresses, we have increasing instances of leaked secret information, intelligence agencies monitoring our communications, and companies changing the ways they can use customers’ personal information through their privacy T&Cs…


Fiction Round-Up 2014

-Compiled by Richard T. Watson– It’s time once again to look back at the past twelve months and raise a warm drink to the ever-dark nights, mornings, evenings, and, increasingly, afternoons. I’ve gone with mulled wine. ‘Tis the season, you know, for holding back the night and lighting up the dark. [Apologies for those not…

Short Story prize logo

Saboteur Awards 2014: Fiction

-In which Richard T. Watson sums up the categories he presented at the 2014 Saboteur Awards- Best Magazine Magazines are of course not limited to fiction, and many of this year’s nominees for Best Magazine have long-standing reputations for their printed poetry. Not least of these was Rising, last year’s winner, still the champion of…

The Flood - Superbard

Fiction Round-Up 2013

-Compiled by Richard T. Watson– We have a Christmas tradition of sorts at Sabotage: to post a festive round-up of the year’s highlights in December, and to start by (mis)quoting that carol about it being the season to be jolly. And what is Christmas without its twee traditions? So here goes, 365 days from the…

Best European Fiction 2014 Dalkey Archives

Best European Fiction 2014

-Reviewed by Richard T. Watson– Perhaps the first question raised by the Dalkey Archives Press‘ newest collection, Best European Fiction 2014, is: what is European fiction? What are the characteristics that define it against, say, American fiction? In such a varied continent, ranging from Portugal to Russia, Iceland to Greece, and a continent with so…

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