2015’s most popular reviews and interviews!

It’s that time of the year once again! I leave it up to editors whether they want to do any round-ups of sorts, but I thought you might be interested to know which reviews written this year were the most read on our website! So here goes:

Live performances/Spoken Word

Dan Holloway’s review of Simon Armitage’s inaugural lecture as Oxford Professor of Poetry attracted well over a thousand views, making it the most read review of a live performance this year. The next most read piece was Mab Jones’ review of Jackie Hagan’s show Some People Have Too Many Legs, which went on to win the Saboteur Award for Best Spoken Word Show later that year!


The most read poetry pamphlet review was Zara Raab’s coverage of Zaffar Kunial’s Faber New Poet pamphlet, followed by David Clarke’s review of Victoria Kennefick’s White Whale (Winner of Best Poetry Pamphlet at the Saboteur Awards this year!)


The most read review written this year was Sarah Gonnet’s take on Love In The Anthropocene by Dale Jamieson & Bonnie Nadzam, followed by Charlotte Barnes’ review of Unthology 6! A special mention goes too to Richard T. Watson’s review of A Midlands Odyssey.


Will Barrett’s interview of SJ Fowler was one of the most popular reads on the website, and with expressions like ‘most poems are bad speeches’, it’s easy to understand why. Also popular was his encounter with Ryan Van Winkle, in which he calls politicians ‘shitty poets’, check it out.

What else could you read from this year?

  • Holly Jazz Kotzé’s review of Because the Night by Stacy Hardy
  • Hayden Westfield-Bell’s review of Catharsis by Azra Page
  • Sasha Garwood’s review of The Lion-Faced Man by CN Lester and Hel Gurney – Tête à Tête Opera Festival
  • Will Barrett’s interview of Jim Hinks from Comma Press

Finally, thank you to all of our readers, reviewers, and supporters, may 2016 bring you fantastic things indeed!